U.S. Callbacks With A TWIST – FBA Empire Weekly #26

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This week on FBA Empire Weekly we wanted to touch on another LEVEL of U.S. callback (see Episode #24) that is available to everyone.

You can get a U.S. based catalog team member to call you back! As amazing as that sounds, there are a few drawbacks to it. We discuss this and more in this week’s video.

Video transcription: FBA Empire Weekly #26

Hey guys, Mike here with another episode of FBA Empire weekly. Wanted to touch on and expand on something that we covered recently which is the U.S. Callbacks. One, I am happy with all of the people who kind of messaged us, emailed us, even our FBA Empire members. Just simply saying how happy they have been talking to a U.S. person. But I wanted to let you guys know that it even goes a step further. All right? Then just U.S. Callbacks.

So you can even request a U.S. Callback from a catalog team member. All right? And these guys are incredibly powerful and so again if you need any changes to the product title, product listing, anything like that, your project images aren’t showing right, a U.S. Callback from a catalog team member, they can take care of all these things for you. It is so, so easy. It’s so relieving to talk to someone who speaks good English, to be honest. But the biggest thing I want to stress with your guys is that while the U.S. Callback team is great, they answer all of your questions, what not, they do seem to be a little bit stricter when you get a hold of the catalog team.

So I have had some things kind of approved where apparently they somewhat followed Amazon’s guidelines, say for the product title, but they didn’t a 100% follow the guidelines. A lot of people with the overseas call centers, they just say yes, they like oh yeah, cool. And they kind of hit it. Every now and then, you get one who is like, really like no one has to be this, but most of the time, they just say yes to you and it moves on. With the U.S. Callback guys, at least the three catalog guys I have got in the last week, they are a lot stricter. They are like, hey, it says 80 characters and you got 85. Like, this isn’t going. I know we allow to 140, but you have to get to 80 or we are not going to publish this. So, it’s kind of weird, like I thought they’d be more lenient. I guess I don’t know.

That’s just the biggest thing I want to mention to you guys today. Just an additional kind of thing where not only the U.S. Callback is awesome, use the U.S. Callback for a catalog team member. They are even better and more helpful. They can do more things for you. The little bit of a downside is it if you are trying to push the, I won’t say gray area, but if you try to push boundaries a little bit, they will not work with you at all. I mean the majority of them just say, no this is it, and just stick in here. Whereas some of the offshore kind of, the non-US call centers or non-US based call centers, they are just like, oh, yeah, yeah. I get your point. Cool. And they make it happen for you.

So the biggest thing I want to share with you guys this week, I hope you guys love it. I hope you guys are loving the U.S. Callbacks, and we look forward to chatting with you guys next week. Thanks.