U.S. Callbacks – FBA Empire Weekly #24

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This week, we share one of the most useful things we use to solve SERIOUS problems on Amazon. This is reliable help for solving situations like the Amazon Buy Box hack we experienced last week (See Episode #23). Find out how we problem solve on Amazon in this video.

Video transcription: FBA Empire Weekly #24

Hey guys, Mike here from FBA Empire, and just wanted to reach out to everyone as it’s Thursday and want to do a followup video to last week’s FBA empire weekly.


So last week Nathan talked about lot of the hackers actually coming in, taking the Buy Box away from people and basically scamming customers out of their money, and he also talked about the repercussions of what happens to us as sellers when that happens.


What I want to talk about this week was how to get the best help available to kind of combat this, and what we found is that some of the customer service videos that we have done before asking for the Catalogue team, asking for it to be escalated. Those kind of things help, but what we found to be the best way for this to be happen is make a call into Amazon and you are probably going to get connected to somewhere in the Philippines or out of country, and the easiest thing to ask is can I please get a U.S. callback. All right? And that’s all you have to ask. And they are going to ask you information why you want a U.S. callback and just give any reasons about wanting U.S. callback. Sometimes you will get people say, “Oh, I can’t do that, but I can help you sir.” And you say, “No, you definitely can.” All right? They just don’t know how. So if they have to bother their boss or the head guy kind of there. They can definitely schedule you for a U.S. callback. So sometimes they try and transfer you right away, and sometimes…you get transferred right away. Other times, they call back. Usually happens within an hour. From my experience, about half the time, I get transferred and I wait about 10 minutes and I do get a U.S. callback. The other half the time, I usually get a callback. They merely just tell me if they are going to call me back and it’s usually about 20 minutes to an hour. If they don’t… if you don’t get a callback within an hour, I always call back again, say, “Hey, I was told I was going to get a U.S. callback. No one called me. I would really appreciate a U.S. callback.” This could have happened as the person may not know how to do it. They didn’t have their like kind of manager or boss there. They are to help them and they just kind of say, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s going to happen and then it doesn’t happen. So then I just for a case number of whoever worked on my last case, that they said that this was going to happen and it doesn’t. If I am in a bad mood, I do that. If I am not, I don’t. But if something like that happens multiple times, I definitely start telling them like, “Hey, I was told that I was going to get a callback and it never happened.” This person worked on my last phone call and said that was going to happen. They said it all out for me, etc., etc., etc. With that in mind, that once you got a U.S callback, I cannot tell you how more knowledgeable and easy to work with they are in every single form, whether it’s shipping or Buy Box issues or product page issues, whatever it may be, so much more helpful. So again, especially of all, they kind of feel random hacking itself that has been happening and know Amazon is going to cut down and soon they’ll take care of all that stuff very quickly. But, the thing I would stress to you is if you are having issues with it and you are not getting anywhere with the people you are talking with, ask for U.S. callback and you will be so happy that you did. It’s such easy route to go. All right?


So hope this helps you guys, hope it kind of adds on top what Nathan talked about last week, and we look forward to talking next week Thursday. See you, guys.