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As you are creating your FBA Empire, there are a few tools and resources that you can use to make the process much easier on our members their first time through. We do want to make clear that FBA Empire members are not asked to purchase any of these additional tools or resources to launch a successful product on Amazon, but if you want to double and triple check your work along the way with the tools listed below; feel free to do so!!!

AMZ Shark

One of the most popular tools out there for Amazon FBA sellers. AMZ Shark is a great tool that allows you to track keyword rankings within Amazon, track recently left reviews, and monitor daily / weekly sales for your product (as well as fellow competitors products). It was really the ability to track how I was doing, relative to my competition, which sucked us in to purchase the monthly subscription plan.

Besides doing everything listed above, AMZ Shark has a Super URL creator (as we discussed in our private members area) to help you shoot up the rankings for specific keywords you are targeting. Again we do want to state that none of this is necessary for you to launch a successful product, but AMZ Shark does do a nice job of putting useful information all in one place for easy access to.

Speedy Barcodes

Amazon requires all incoming products to their warehouses to have a scanable barcode and UPC number. If you search online you will find that UPC numbers can get as high as $500 a code... That is a ridiculous amount to pay, so we were lucky to find Speedy Barcodes and their incredibly reasonable prices. You can get your barcodes here for less than a $1 a code!!!

We are in no way saying that Speedy Barcodes is the best of the best service when it comes to shopping for barcodes online. What we are saying is that Speedy Barcodes is the service Nathan and I have used to purchase the barcodes for our own products, and not once have we ever had an issue with anything related to the purchase. If anyone recommends another online service selling barcodes, feel free to post it in the comment section below!

If you put me on the spot and asked me right here and now that I had to select a SINGLE tool that everyone SHOULD use, it would be the same one we recommended in our members area for Module 7. Just the ease of use, the amount of time it saves each and every day (especially once you start averaging 10+ sales a day) makes it well worth the $19.99 a month price tag to it.

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