Niche Selection

Choosing the right niche is arguably the most important part of building your own FBA Empire. While many people want to rush in, choose the first product they think looks "cool" and get some samples sent on the way ASAP, take a few of these recommendations to heart.

Categories to Avoid

While other courses or books may tell you that you can make "any" product work when dealing with Amazon FBA, we are here to tell you that is simply not true. Here at FBA Empire we cut right to the chase and actually eliminate HALF of the categories on Amazon for you. So right off the bat, you are that much more likely to succeed than others who are attempting to launch a product on their own, because you know exactly what categories to avoid with a ten foot pole from the very beginning.

Time is the only resource that you cannot get more of, so besides eliminating half the categories to sell in on Amazon, we take it a step further and recommend the top 10 categories that give your product instant approval on Amazon!

Brainstorming Ideas

With niche selection playing such a huge role in the success of a physical product launch, your brain will do one of two things. Hone in on a single category and never think outside of selected main idea, or think of every single object you possibly can till you drive yourself crazy...

It is vital to have a plan in place to direct your train of thoughts when selecting a niche. Here at FBA Empire we have got a step by step process to aid you in thinking of / selecting the perfect product that does the only thing that matters; SELLS!!!

Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

You will hear us reference your BSR (Best Sellers Rank) quite a bit in our videos, and for good reason. Amazon keeps it incredibly simple when it comes to choosing what products to rank higher or lower in their search rankings. When you are dealing with Google, you have got to worry about SEO, Backlinks, Unique Content, etc... With Amazon the more units you sell, the better you will rank within Amazons organic rankings.

While there are a few other factors for moving up in Amazons search engine listings, such as the conversion rate for your product listing page, tracking competitors BSR's is a vital part to choosing a home run niche. Choose a product that has too high of a BSR, and even if you become #1 in that category; it may only result in a single sale or two a day. Go after a group of products where the BSR's are all incredibly low and you may never be able to break into the top 15 or 20 in that specific product category.

Here at FBA Empire, we help our members use not only a products BSR, but FIVE other golden guidelines to help you snag the perfect niche from the very beginning!!!

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