Major Amazon Update That Is Hurting Your Sales – FBA Empire Weekly #27

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A big change on Amazon may have your business hurting. Just recently Amazon has changed the way they index search results. This change includes a reduced character allowance in the search terms of your “seller central” account.

Due to this change, many of your keywords may have been de-indexed already. This means that your product is no longer ranking for the keywords that you need to in order to make sales.

Find out more about this overnight change and how it will effect your Amazon FBA store in this episode of FBA Empire Weekly.

Video transcription: FBA Empire Weekly #27

Hi everyone, Nathan here from FBA Empire. Welcome back to another episode of FBA Empire Weekly.

This week, I really want to talk to you guys about keywords again and basically how Amazon is indexing your product in Amazon organic search. If you’ve been around, if you’ve been selling on Amazon for little bit, you may have noticed that over the last month couple of weeks that your sales dropped, and quite substantially in some cases I heard people dropping their sales about 60% or more. So yeah, it’s not a small thing.

You might be scratching your head, you may be going, “Well, what the heck is happening? Why are my sales bottoming out?” Like is the end here kind of thing. And I can tell you right now what it is. Amazon has rolled out some new algorithm updates and the way that they are indexing the products now. So if you remember, we have talked about in the past these search terms box inside of your Amazon Seller Central account. There will be a keyword search term thing. It will be five rows. I think you are allowed 1000 characters for each text box on them. And you’ll be able to just jam this with your keywords and everybody would wonder if you should put commas or no commas or if you should duplicate words and things like this and that was the main thing to get indexed, right? So you would put this in to tell the Amazon that, yes, this is my product, is about XYZ, so I need to be showing for XYZ, all right? So with this latest update though, they have taken out the number of characters substantially. So those search terms used to be 5000 characters that would be indexed and then Amazon cut down the 2000 not that long ago. Now, they have cut it down to about 400 to 450 characters. So this counts each letter, each space as a character. And what’s even more is that this also includes your title of your product. So that 400 to 450 characters is counting your title, and then whatever is leftover is what’s being indexed from your search terms. Right, so what this means is if you had a bunch of keywords in there, all the sudden you are not getting indexed for them. So all the sudden your product is not showing up in the Amazon search results for those keywords that you were trying to target. All right?

So this is why such huge drop in sales was because you are no longer being found for keywords that were generating you money. All right? So how can you fix this? So what can you do about it now? I mean this is the big thing. So what can you do? Well, there’s software out there. The first thing I will probably do is take an assessment. There’s software out there, I think ___02:41 has some, and basically it will check how many… what keywords are being indexed for. If you don’t want to buy software, if you don’t want to do any of that stuff, you could do it manually. So just type in your, copy your ASIN and whatever keywords you’re looking for and go to Amazon search bar. So go on to Amazon, search garlic press or blue garlic press and then your ASIN, and if that shows one result or two results, then you know what you are listed. If it shows your results and underneath it shows your product like similar products kind of thing, that means you are no longer indexed for that main keyword. All right? So once you have that figured, you got to figure way to get those keywords back into your product listing. All right?

You may want to re-write your title, you know include your main keywords, right up at the beginning, the first few characters. You’re going to want to re-write your bullet points because this another thing that has been noticed, as Amazon apparently is also cutting down potentially on character limits for your bullet points. So get your main keywords in the first three bullet points. All right? So those first three will help you. Make sure you get indexed. Make sure you have your keywords in your description. Again, it’s not always indexing the keywords in description, but they are being indexed. Another thing that I have noticed in the past that helps is adding a keyword to a question. So have someone post a question. Or you could post a question with your own personal account, and then people will answer the question. But I have been seeing those answers and the questions actually getting indexed in Amazon in the past. So it might be another way to help you get your keyword sort of stuff in there so you get start ranking. All right?

Those are few ways. You are also going to want to go back into your search terms. Okay guys, if you are only having 400-450 characters being indexed in your search terms and title combined, you are going to re-write your search terms. There is no point having 3000 keywords sitting in your search terms. So put a couple on each line. Make sure that you have your most important keywords first. You want to have those most important keywords there to make sure they get indexed and they get part of that character count. All right? So these are few little tips that can help you. I will go over some more down the road, maybe in another future video or inside the forums. If you’re having trouble with this, message us. We will be happy to answer these questions, but it’s sort of this that holds the riddle as to why your sales have fallen off recently. That would be why, and now it’s a good time to go back and try to make sure that you have all your big keywords and the keywords you want in key spots like the first three bullet points in your title and in the search terms. Don’t need to clutter them all up with other keywords that are just sort of nice to have. Right now, focus on your converting keywords.

So you may be asking now, “Well, how do I know which keywords are converting?” All right? So if you’ve been on Amazon for any amount of time and you’ve been running ads, go and run a search term report. Download your search term report and look at it. Find out which ones have a higher conversion rate. Find out which ones have most impressions, which ones have a higher click-through rate, and you can find out which keywords are performing best for you. All right? So are the ones you want to target. You want to make sure you are still indexed for them and if you are not, then you may want to find a way to get them into your title, your first three bullet points in description, and some questions and answers on the front page of Amazon or in your backend on the search terms report. All right?

So that’s what I really wanted to talk to you about today, guys. If you have questions, feel free to leave them below. We will be happy to answer them. I know this is troublesome when Amazon just changes algorithms and things, you know sort of the sky comes falling down on you. So if you have questions, let us know. We will be more than happy to answer them and follow up that with a future video as well on other tactics to basically get your product ranking again, I mean index and the search engine for Amazon. All right? So thanks a lot for watching and, yeah, we will see you next week.