Increasing Your FBA Profits Exponentially Using Amazon’s International Platform – FBA Empire Weekly # 10

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In this tenth episode, Mike discusses exactly how you can avoid plateaus and Increase Your FBA Profits Exponentially Using Amazon’s International Platform.

If you are on the fence about selling your private labeled products worldwide then check out this video and see why this is something you should be considering.

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Video Transcription – Increasing Your FBA Profits Exponentially Using Amazon’s International Platform

Hey guys. Mike here, from FBA Empire, shooting episode 10 for FBA Empire weekly. I am out here, right outside my walk out basement. I was going to walk around for you guys today and get some scenery of South Carolina but it’s simply too cold so it’s not happening. With that in mind, what we want to talk about today on episode 10 is expanding your FBA business. I think this is something that, once you start selling 5, 10, 50 units a day, eventually you are going to hit some sort of cap. Every single product and every single niche has its own different cap depending on how much demand there is, the BSR and that kind of stuff. All sorts of things determine this cap that you are going to hit but eventually you will hit a cap. Don’t get me wrong, you can break through this cap by sending outside traffic from Google or by trying to send social media traffic directly to your page. There are ways to try and break through this cap but eventually, you will hit some kind of soft cap. This is kind of the point where people, in my opinion, tend to get complacent.

One thing I think a lot of people think about immediately is that they need to start their own website and sell on a website. I think that is a decent idea, it’s a great idea and something that you definitely have to take in down the road. Especially, as per Nathan’s last video, talking about brand registry; you do need a website for that. The hard thing is that with a website you are going to have to make sure you are mastering Google AdWords, PLAs, text ads, Facebook ads and things like that; keep in mind that the conversion rate will not nearly be as good on top of your website as it is on top of Amazon. Amazon converts traffic at a significantly higher rate than traffic from Google or Bing. Specifically, when dealing with Amazon FBA products; I’m not saying that in some cases it might not be different but for Amazon FBA products you definitely convert better with Amazon traffic and sponsored ads on top of Amazon’s website.

With that said, I did want to talk about another option that a lot of people overlook. Keep in mind that, just because you are selling on Amazon US, it doesn’t mean you cannot move and sell on other Amazon platforms. I think a website is a great idea and, if something works, it’s worth exploring starting right now but we are also exploring selling in Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, Amazon Canada, Amazon Mexico and even Amazon Germany. Really, what we are looking for are the biggest Amazon platforms outside of Amazon US, whatever those are. That’s where we are moving our next product to and the biggest reason is because we believe our products will sell decently over there. Obviously, they will sell less because those platforms have less users that Amazon US but the big thing to keep in mind is that, not that we’ve mastered Amazon FBA by any means, we feel very comfortable knowing Amazon’s policies and how to operate on Amazon. I personally feel more comfortable operating on Amazon right now than I do with Google PLAs and stuff like that, not that I am bad at Google PLAs I’m probably slightly above average, but it would make more sense for me personally. I would get more bang for my buck moving my product to the Amazon UK and using the exact same strategy that I have used for Amazon US to try to take over niche. I can do the exact same thing there because I am so comfortable with the product title, the feature bullet points, the Amazon sponsored ads and knowing all these sorts of things makes it a lot easier, in my opinion, for me to succeed in jumping sales there as well.

Another 25 sales a day, another 50 sales a day in Amazon UK, another 30 sales a day in Amazon Canada, another 40 sales a day in Amazon Japan – there are definitely things that you can expand with the exact same product. Because you know how to use BSR to find and review how much demand there is you don’t have to just jump into Amazon UK, Amazon Japan or anything like that blindly. You can take a look and maybe Amazon UK is a terrible option but on Amazon Japan there is still quite a bit of demand for your product. You can simply move it over and use the Amazon platform, that you have come to know so well, to make more sales. By no means am I trying to force you guys to expand into the UK or Japan using the Amazon platform instead of your own website. I think for any real business you are going to have to have your own website and you are going to have to sell off your own website at some point. I’m just saying that there are other options to boost sales, to boost profit and to boost revenue, before you go into something like that, so you have even more money to make sure you are converting at a rate that you need so that your website is still profitable.

Guys, I hope this was a helpful video and it hopefully enlightened some people to think a little bit more outside the box compared to just thinking of a website here in the US. Myself and Nathan, we hope to be in the UK within a couple of weeks. Then within the next month expanding into another Amazon section, whether it’s Japan or Germany we are not really sure yet. With that said, we are looking to expand our personal products and our personal brand internationally and manage it all through Amazon because of how much we love the platform and how much success we have had with it so far. We are sticking with that as well as a website that we have up; we are hiring out a team to handle our PLAs. Guys, again, I hope you like this video: FBA Empire number 10. Looking forward to seeing you guys next week. Thanks.