How To Get Your Negative Amazon Reviews Removed – FBA Empire Weekly #29

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In this episode of FBA Empire Weekly, we are taking at look at Customer Reviews. But we’re not talking about increasing the number of reviews. We’re going to show you how to increase the quality of your reviews!

We discuss a few strategies for converting negative reviews into positive reviews. And share one of the biggest tips out there – removing negative product reviews. That’s right, you can actually get a product review removed and it is a pretty simple process.

Learn this and more in this week’s episode.

Video transcription: FBA Empire Weekly #29

Hi everybody, Nathan here from FBA Empire. Welcome back to another episode of FBA Empire Weekly.

This week, I really just wanted to take a very short amount of time here and just talk to you guys a little bit about customer reviews with your Amazon product. So this isn’t so much on how to get customer reviews or the importance of customer reviews, but it’s more along the lines of managing them. We are always so focused on the quantity of the reviews that we have – you know, I need 50 reviews or a 100 reviews or a 1000 reviews and then I will be unstoppable. Well, it also is important though to have high quality reviews. And that’s why I wanted to touch on a little bit today, is kind of, as how to make sure you are always getting high quality reviews. I mean obviously you’ll have the first things of having a quality product, having your product page describe exactly what they are getting. So they are not… you know, seeing one thing in your product page and then getting something else entirely that’s you know a piece of garbage.

I mean those are obviously the key things. You could also do things… I don’t know. So if you get a negative review for example. So if somebody leaves a 1 star review on your Amazon product page, they get a 1 star product review and you are not happy with that obviously. So there is a couple of things you could do and I really wanted to talk on this.

The first is, try to track that person down. Sometimes it’s not as easy because you know the customer named doesn’t line up, that it is a Amazon customer or it’s some sort of nickname, something like that. So it’s tough to find who they are and where their order came from. But if you can track them down, reach out to that person and you know, you’ll explain like, hey I know I saw your review. We want to make this right. What can we do to make this right for you? All right? Like, what can we do, and you maybe be giving them a refund or a free set or a gift or whatever it is. You are giving them. Giving the money back. Give them another unit or something like this. Try to make it right. Try to let their frustrations be heard. All right? Let them know that you care. You are actually a real business and you actually want to do the right thing here and make sure they have a pleasant experience. When you are doing that, don’t be afraid to ask them to update their review. Let them update their review with your experience and maybe change it from a 1 star to a 4 star or 5 star.

So that’s definitely one way, is to reach out to some of those negative reviews and see if you can get them to change it. Do customer service here. So often we get caught up with, you know, this is minimal time requirement with Amazon FBA that you sometimes forget that you can still do great customer service and be a leader in your industry and really focus on client care kind of thing. All right? So that’s the first thing.

The second thing I really wanted to talk about is something we have implementing here is that if you’ll offer, say, a bundle and Amazon messes up and only sends one part of that bundle to your customer, and your customer gets on to your Amazon review page, and they complain about Amazon or you, only received one part of this. So they didn’t receive everything that they said you are going to get. Or maybe we talk about like the shipping was terrible. And it’s all this type of stuff. It is things that Amazon is responsible for, but they are blaming you for it and they are writing in a product review. I am not talking customer feedback because we all know that we can get the customer feedback removed. But you could also get these customer reviews removed. All right?

So someone leaves a 1 star and something that Amazon screwed up. You can get that review removed, and to do this you just go in the same way you removed your customer feedback essentially, inside your seller central account. You go in, click on the help tab, click on the Contact Us button… there is some crazy noise that’s going on here at Chiang Mai today, really is… yeah, go to the Contact Us button and ___03:57 shop on the right hand side. Click the selling on Amazon, click I think products and inventory and then I will drop down and there will be product review. So let me put into that like aspect like ASIN of your product, the name and the title of the review you want removed, the reason you wanted removed and basically just state your case. If it’s an Amazon fault that you are getting this negative review, they will remove it.

We have done this. We have a bundle package and Amazon has been only sending one part of that bundle to people. Then they come in, they say, but we received this one thing and this is a fraud. Whatever those 1 star reviews could mean it, well, you could have that removed because that’s not your fault as a FBA person. That is all on Amazon. So you could have that review removed without any issues. All right?

Make sure you take some time and go through your 1 star reviews or your 2 star reviews and you can get them removed, or try to contact the seller and get them up to a 3 or 4 or 5 star review. All right? Because maintaining that high quality reviews will give you the benefit in the long run. It will help you stick around. It will keep your account rating high. It will keep the trust and the confidence of people buying from you guy. All right?

So go take the time and go through and remove the reviews that aren’t applicable to you and at the same time get better reviews from your customers. Work on your customer, service with them and you will be in a much better place down the road. All right? So don’t always focus on the quantity, but look at the quality of the reviews as well and do things to it you could implement now to increase that quality and get your rating to a 4.8 or a 5 star rating. All right?

So that’s it for this week. It’s all I really wanted to talk about. We will be back next week with another episode of FBA Empire Weekly and yeah, we will see you next Thursday.