The Basics

CONGRATULATIONS ON TAKING THE FIRST STEP!!! Just by being here and researching up as much as you can about the Amazon FBA business model, you are already ahead of the game. While selling on Amazon is one of the hottest eCommerce trends right now; it pays off to be thorough and gather as much information as possible before diving in headfirst!

Amazon Seller Central

This page is a brush up on basic information needed to sell on Amazon, so if you feel that you have a decent grasp on the basics; this information may seem a bit redundant. However FBA Empire was created to help beginners and experts alike, so learning a bit of the basics (or reviewing the basics) is necessary.

You will need to create and Amazon Seller Central Account before you are able to sell anything on Amazon. It is important for us to state that you want the "Professional" Seller Central Account which will cost you $40 a month (after getting the first 30 days free). Here at FBA Empire we take you through the entire sign up process to make sure that everything is running smoothly for you from the start!!!

Understanding Payment Gateways

The next thing we wanted to cover is the reason the majority of you are here: TO GET PAID!!! If you are from the US (as well as the specific countries discussed in our Module 1 videos) you can have Amazon direct deposit your Amazon account balance into the bank account of your choosing every two weeks (a check can also be mailed out every two weeks if you prefer). It really is that simple!!!

For those overseas, we discuss the easiest payment gateways to sign up with so you can get your money converted from US Dollars to your local currency and in your bank account within 48 hours!!! One of the payment processors we recommend even sends you a debit card so that you can pay (swipe your card) for items as you normally would!

One of the best feelings I get is checking my bank account every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month and seeing that Amazon deposit sitting in my bank account. The feeling of satisfaction that you not only created a physical product you now own AND have turned a profit on; is a feeling that will not go away no matter how long you are in this business. While that first check you receive from Amazon is so exciting because you have finally have been paid for all the hard work you have put in building your FBA Empire; it's always that next check that intrigues you more because you know it can be even BIGGER than your last one!!!

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