Driving Traffic

YOU CAN SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!! You have chosen a niche, you have found a trustworthy supplier, and you have your product listing page ready to convert at a high level. This is where you get to see all your hard work pay off; by driving traffic to your newly created product page to see the sales start to roll on in.

Corporate Website & Blog

Creating a main website for your new business is something that we recommend to all FBA Empire members. As we mention in our private members area, you are creating a legitimate business, and you should be treating it as such. As you sell more and more products, your company brand will begin being searched on Amazon, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc... as the exact product / company name. By creating a corporate website you will ensure no matter what search engine your exact product /company name is searched on, potential customers will find a professional website that can be easily navigated to answer any product questions and to take in any new orders.

Creating content for your corporate blog is a great way to not only drive targeted traffic to your website, but to make yourself an expert /authority in your specific products niche. If you were to sell weight training equipment, providing 10 Muscle Shredding Upper Body Workouts or 7 Insanely Effective Fat Burning Exercises for men and women would be examples of great blog topics.

Writing a new blog post on topics like the ones listed above, even once or twice a week, would begin to drive highly targeted traffic to your main corporate health product site, as well as help convince potential customers that are on the fence about purchasing (because again you are making yourself / company a major player and authority in the niche).

Amazon Ads

I am not sure of many businesses that can be run where you can drive targeted customers to your product within minutes of launching it. Amazon Ads gives you the ability to send highly targeted traffic immediately to your product listing page (not that you necessarily want to right away). However this is where FBA Empire differs from other courses or books on this topic.

Many people start with Amazon Ads being used to make a few sales and to simply get their feet wet and break EVEN for the first few weeks. Breaking even should never be the goal of a FBA Empire member... I would bet that a significant majority of you reading this are looking at the FBA Business model to make significant income and to replace your 9-5 wages each week; not to put in all this time and effort to break even day in and day out.

Nathan and I have never run a negative Amazon Ad campaign, and we would never ask our members to either. Creating a profitable Amazon Ad Campaign will truly help your product soar above your competitors because you will be making profit from multiple streams of traffic (organic sales AND pay per click sales). Never settle for breaking even!!!

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