Dealing with Hackers and Hijackers – FBA Empire Weekly #23

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In the last week, Amazon has been hacked on at least 3 separate occasions. The hacker managed to hijack about 200,000 product listings.

The hackers do this by stealing your Buy Box. Once they have access to your buy box they can make it so the consumer never receives their product. Instead, they receive the money and you’re left with an angry customer!

They make a ton of illegal money and you’re left sitting on the sidelines watching your sales diminish by the second.

In this episode of FBA Empire Weekly, we talk about our experience with these hackers. Because we were hijacked 3 times in the last week, including once during a lightning deal. Find out what we did and how you can quickly resolve this issue if it ever happens to you.

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Report other sellers, copyright infringement, etc.

Video transcription: FBA Empire Weekly #23

Hey everyone, Nathan here from FBA Empire. Welcome back to another episode of FBA Empire Weekly.

This week, I really just wanted to touch on something that has been hitting Amazon pretty hard and it has actually been hitting Michael and myself as well.

Over the last week, you may have noticed that your product has been hijacked. Yes, the inevitable hijacking of the product, but it’s not in the same way that you normally think when someone takes off your listing. So for us this week we had, I think, three separate occasions where our product listing had basically lost the Buy Box. Someone comes in, prices our product at, like, $8. They take over the Buy Box and they basically hijacked our listing. This did this for about, I think, 200 different listings. So it’s not like it was just us being targeted, but it did happen on three separate occasions and I just wanted to talk a little bit about that today sort of what you can do. Realistically, it’s going to happen. I am sure Amazon is cracking down on this right now. They are going after these people, trying to find a way to make this so it can’t happen. For us personally, it kind of hurt.

So what happened with us is we were running a lightening deal and this person hijacked our listing, took the Buy Box, lowered the price down to $8. So now for our lightening deal, it was suppressed because the price was so low. So we would have to sell our lightening deal, like $5 or $6 or something ridiculous, which we won’t have made a profit on. So for us, what we did, and I am not saying I recommend this, but if you need to get the Buy Box that quickly in a case like this, what I did is I went in, I purchased the product hoping that they only had one product. So I went in, I bought the $8 product and sure enough in 15 minutes or so – 15, 20 minutes – the Buy Box was gone, it was back to us. This person only had the one product listing at the time, so it said. And it gave us back our Buy Box and we were able to get the lightening deal and that was no longer suppressed. Unfortunately, the next day, when the lightening deal was actually running, we were hijacked again, this time, by a different one. So a couple of names that were out there, there was a HK Tech something like that.

We were hijacked again by like TU Products or some random name like that. They’re coming… they are saying they are coming out of China to California. And what’s really happening with these is basically they are frauds, is these are fraudulent accounts. They are never going to ship you your product. You are not going to see the product. They have hijacked all these listings and they probably have fake bank account set up and it is completely fraudulent. They will ship up to some other, they will say they shipped into some other’s location and that’s the problem. But by the time you ever get or think you are going to get this product, they have already taken the money and they are gone. So it is completely fraudulent and I am sure Amazon is working hard on getting this under control. So we had something like this happen.

So I did wanted to talk to you guys about it. So we did learn a few things. I am going to add some links below this video. So there is a one thing. If your product is legitimately hijacked, there is a copyright form that you should be filling out. Amazon has a link to it, uses a simple form. You fill out, and if anyone ever does take off your listing, you can use this to sort of say, look it, this is the proof that this is my product. If they are taking some sort of Chinese factory rip off of your product and it’s not the same, you can come to Amazon and say, look it. This is what this product should be. I want these guys removed. All right? So I am going to put that link in the below for the video and that’s something that, you know, just to keep in mind if you ever are legitimately hijacked. People are selling sort of cheap products of, knock-off products of, your private label brand.

The other thing is I am going to include this link as well. It is basically, it’s just a form to report a user. So like in our case, it happened three times this week, we were hijacked, we lost the Buy Box. We could fill up this user sort of complaint form and you submit it to the Amazon and they will get there.

At the same time, I highly recommend calling Amazon. I know Michael was on the phone, and may or may not have ripped into Amazon pretty hard when we lost the Buy Box, especially during our lightning deal and again we had to try to get that back during our lightning deal. So I know he ripped into them pretty hard, but what happens is… and Michael is going to talk about this in next week’s video. He is going to show you a way that you can get the most qualified reps with the Amazon and what you need to do to get a good American qualified rep to talk to you, get one of the best service and advice possible. So that’s next week’s video. So again guys, just wanted to sort of touch briefly on this. It has been happening all week. You may have seen your product hijacked. Either means it’s a big deal, but it’s going to solve itself. I mean, some of the ones we have seen, Amazon has been taken off 200,000 other products that completely wiped them out, and you get refunds and things like this. So bottom line if this happens to you, if you really need the Buy Box back quickly, you could buy the product and just refund it later, refund it quickly because you don’t want them running off with your money. So there isn’t issue if you need your Buy Box back pretty quickly. Otherwise, contact Amazon either through the user complaint form or I recommend calling them directly. Make sure they are aware that your product has been hijacked. So yeah, that is all I want to talk to you about this week, just let you guys know that this is happening. So keep an eye for it, watch your Buy Box, and keep paying attention basically. All right?

So next week Michael will tell you how to get the best rep from Amazon. So until then enjoy the rest of your week and then, yeah, we will talk the next Thursday. Thanks.