Crucial Tips & Tricks

When you are getting started selling on Amazon, you will feel like there are a million things you have to accomplish all at once. We have taken the time to help you narrow in on the main things to focus on once you have launched your product.

Dealing With Negative Reviews

As with any business, reviews can make or break your business. While having a solid product and great customer service will help, in general most customers are more likely to complain and leave a negative review the moment something goes wrong versus leaving a positive review when the product works as it should.

We teach you our tried and proven technique to help you not only weed out customers who may leave a negative review, but we help ensure that 95% of all negative reviews never reach your product page for potential customers to see. Words cannot explain how vital this is, and how it will make your product stand out versus your competitors (especially in the long run).

How To Create A Promotion

As you have learned in our previous modules, lowering your BSR is vital to ranking organically (which should be the goal for everyone selling on Amazon). Promotions are a great way to spike sales on a particular keyword to shoot up the rankings for a bit.

There have been absolute horror stories across the Amazon FBA community of first time sellers on Amazon, creating a Promotion and losing over 2000 units in less than 30 minutes!!! Their entire stock of inventory has been wiped out in the blink of an eye, and it could have been avoided with a bit of regulations set in place. FBA Empire covers ALL of this to ensure you will never Promote more units than the exact amount you feel comfortable with.

Free Product Samples

One of the major things covered in FBA Empire is how to test product samples before purchasing large quantity orders. This allows you to not only see the quality of the product yourself, but also helps weed out possible scams. If a supplier EVER tells you they cannot send you a sample, do not even bother contacting them again!!!

The thing about getting samples sent from overseas, is that each sample could easily cost you $50 to $100 a pop. Something many people do on their first go round with importing is not ask enough from the supplier (whether that is not negotiating the unit price enough, shipping times, etc...). Almost every single supplier will actually COMP you the price of the sample, if you end up choosing them as your main supplier.

While a $100 sample may seem insignificant to some, let's say you can get the unit cost of your product + shipping to the US for $4 each. That would be a 25 unit increase to the original order you were going to place. If you make $20 profit per each unit sold, you just made another $500. Again maybe $500 does not seem like much to you, but that $500 could purchase an extra 125 units you would not have been able to before, which translates into an extra $2500 profit ON JUST YOUR SECOND ORDER!!! I could continue this math onto your 4th and 5th orders, but I think you get the point.

Again these are just a few main points to keep in mind that can really help take your FBA Empire business from doing average, to killing it in a very short amount of time. We have many other crucial tips and tricks to help you maximize every single dollar coming in and going out of your Amazon FBA business, to help you unlock the true potential of FBA Empire.

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