Creating Your Listing

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have taken the plunge and ordered your first product (most likely from overseas). Our next step is to make sure that your product listing on Amazon stands out from the crowd. Our goal is to help our members create a high converting product listing that stands apart from not only current competitors, but future competitors as well.

Product Title

Many courses and books offered online are selling dated information, and the dated information on Product Titles hurts new time sellers the most. The go to trick for all sellers on Amazon was to stuff your product title with as many MAIN keywords for your product as possible. Amazon has finally caught onto this and made a significant change across the board.

Amazon is now putting a character count limit on all product titles made from now on. So product titles that keyword stuffed from a few years back, if those sellers decide to NEVER touch their product title, they are grandfathered in and are allowed to keep their product title as is. The moment they try to even add a single letter to that product title, those sellers will be forced to comply with the new character count rules.

Adding main keywords and having great readability for potential customers should be the main two goals of all sellers on Amazon now; NOT keyword stuffing a title that cannot places random keywords one after another after another!!! We take our members through the exact process Nathan and I use for our own top selling products; products we help stand out with eye catching and specific selected words to draw potential customers into clicking on our page (and not our competitors).

Conversion Rate

Any decent business person (online or not) keeps track of their conversion rate. Most eCommerce stores average between 1% to 2% conversion rates. So for every 100 customer who visit their site, they have 1 or 2 people purchase a product. If I told any eCommerce store owner I could help them get to a 5% conversion rate, they would be jumping through the roof!!!

What makes the Amazon FBA business model so attractive is the number I am about to say right now: FIFTEEN... The number 15 is the conversion rate percentage we set as a goal for all of our members. If you have chosen the correct niche, found a trustworthy supplier and created a solid product listing then we aim for our members to be converting at at LEAST 10%.

Again I know this number may be blowing away many of our readers right now, but we truly believe that any FBA Empire member converting under 10% has made a misstep somewhere along the line. The average conversion rate for my personal products selling on Amazon is between 13 to 25% every single day (this rate will vary daily, but looking at it on a monthly basis gives you a better idea for how your product listing is doing overall).

I will repeat that again, on some days myself and MANY other sellers on Amazon are selling our products to 1 out of every 4 customers who visits our product listing. That is absolutely INSANE conversion numbers!!! In Module 8, we show our members exact screen shots, and even take screen shares of a product we launched to show you these exact conversion rates (from inside our seller central account) taking place every single day...

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