Amazon FBA Case Study

We are doing something a bit unprecedented in the Amazon FBA community as we are doing a live case study with one of our actual products currently selling on Amazon. All FBA Empire members get access to an ongoing video series where we not only show our product selling on Amazon, but the profit we have made so far, how exactly we have set up our ads, how many units we are selling a day; if you can think of it, we most likely have covered it in a video already.

Sales & Ads

As I stated above, we open the books to show all of our members our exact sales copy for our product listing page, what our daily conversion rate has been since we launched, how much we are spending on ads each day, and most importantly; how much money we are making on a daily basis from this SINGLE product.

All of this information has been broken down into our Sales & Ads Case Study video by doing a live screenshare as we take you through our Seller Central account and go right down the list of all the things listed above. No blurred out screenshots or doctored numbers. As we click through each item on our list to show you (sales per day, profit for the week, etc...) the video is recording everything so you can feel confident the numbers you are seeing has actually taken place. Many of our members have told us that they had to pinch themselves the first time they saw the 6 week direct deposit we received from Amazon.

New Videos Added Monthly Based On Questions From Our Members

Every month we take a list of the 5 most commonly asked questions in our forums (or directly emailed to myself and Nathan) and we create a poll for our members to vote on. The question(s) that get the most votes will get a video done on them using the same case study product we are sharing with our members from the very beginning.

So Nathan and I thought to ourselves, what is (arguably) the biggest no-no once you are selling well on Amazon. It is generally accepted that you should NEVER run out of inventory once your product is live and you are selling well on Amazon. Most sellers will even increase the price of a product to 4x - 5x the original cost, JUST to ensure the item won't sell and their inventory does not "technically" run out in the eyes of Amazon.

So of course that is exactly what Nathan and I have decided to do for our first new video for our members. If for some reason you DO run out of inventory, we will show you just how far your BSR plummets, how your organic keyword rankings will drop like a rock, and most importantly how quickly can you recover. We are in the process of completing this video as we speak; showing our members how long it would take a product with a sub 2000 BSR, to drop to below 200,000 BSR, and make its way all the way back to that original 2000 BSR mark (or better).

This is an UNHEARD of feature our members have access to because EVERY 30 to 60 days (time varies depending on the question that gets selected that month) you will be able to learn in-depth answers to questions you may have wondering by voting / selecting the questions that would help you and your FBA Empire grow the most!!!

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