Boost Those Lightening Deal Sales!!! – FBA Weekly #18

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We wanted to share a new trick that a few FBA Empire members have been successfully using on their flash sales. Using this trick has steadily increased their conversions by 25-50 more sales per promotion. Find out how they did it in the video above!

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Video transcription: FBA Empire Weekly #18

Hey guys, Mike here from FBA Empire. I just want to shoot this Thursday’s FBA Empire Weekly video for you guys. As you can see, slightly different background behind me. I am here in Florida for the week taking my family to all the Disney Parks and what not. I notice it’s just right not a place for a… I think we are 12 people come with us here. And we will visit all the parks. One of golf course is obviously right here behind me, and you know, it has been a fun week so far. With that said, I do want to jump into this week’s topic.

We had a lot of members recently talking to us actually about Lightning Deals. All right, so obviously Lightning Deals have no change recently. I mean obviously it was little bit while ago when they started charging the $150 tip in to run a Lightning Deal, but what the… I guess a lot of people have been testing and has been working very well for our members. One member in particular, has been doing a great job with it and that would be Ben.

So what he has been doing actually is starting off with a lower quantity Lightning Deal. Okay? And so what I mean by that is he starts off, let’s say instead of doing five hundred units ___01:13, even though he may sell 500 units, he starts off with let’s say 100 units or even 200 units, usually about a 100 units, and as this starts selling, he watches it the entire time and whenever he gets to about 30 units left, he increases the units amount by about 50. All right? So he goes from a 100 to a 150, 150 to 200, 200 to 250 every time he gets within about 30 units left. Okay? So obviously, this is a little bit more tedious than just kind of leaving your… say, you just set it at 500 and walking away knowing that you will sell 350 and you are happy with that. Right?

With this process, it’s little more tedious, but what he has found after doing it through a couple of lightning deals is that he has actually increased the amount of units sold every single time he has done it this way. And so about the first, maybe it’s like 10 to 50 units difference. Now, on some of these, he is doing, you know, 50 to 60 units more than he was on his initial sales of the exact same product on very comparable times, not like we are talking like Sunday at, you know, midnight 6 a.m. Pacific Standard Time compared to a Thursday at 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Nothing like that. Very comparable times what not, and he has seen that he is pushing a lot more sales this way, and the nice thing with doing it this way is obviously… he is obviously making that extra sales, shooting higher in the organic rankings, raising your PSR profile little bit better in Amazon’s eyes. The downside is obviously it is more tedious. If you get a crappy time frame, having to stay up for 6 hours, you know, from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., Pacific Standard Time, that could be a, you know, not the most fun time to kind of be up and trying to do these tedious things when maybe it only makes a small difference in sales situation to put you first time through.

With that said, all the members who kind of tried this and used this have seen pretty good success, who kind of want to talk about it, where you are not going to see a huge jump in sales, especially the first time, but if you consistently do it, you do seem to make a little bit more sales each and every time with the Lightning Deals and that is the nice thing, where if you are making the consistent sales with the Lightning Deals. That is where you keep getting more and more Lightning Deals. Like for example, I think we are capped out all the way through mid April right here for all of our Lightning Deals, for all the products we have. So we are already getting Lightning Deals 6 to 8 weeks in advance which is pretty nice, knowing that going in that we have these lightning deals to bank on and we don’t mind paying the 150 because they ___03:50, so we are able to push and sale every single time. All right?

So it’s a nice little trick. Again Ben from FBA Empire has been working on this for quite a while, has had some great success with it, wanted to share it and kind of give him a shot up as well about the same time for the great job that he is doing with his products, and looking forward to chat with your guys next week. Thanks.