About The Instructors

Michael Coghlan spent 7 years working as a Division 1 Volleyball Coach. While he loved his work, Michael and his growing family came to hate the long hours that came with the position (especially the 14 to 16 hour days during season). Not wanting to miss his children growing up, in 2013 Michael left his coaching position and began developing dropshipping stores so he could work from home while spending more time with his kids. It is from those profits he made drop shipping that placed his very first FBA order, and the constantly growing Coghlan family has never looked back since!

Nathan Richer spent 8 years working as a Senior Biologist for the Canadian Government before realizing there was more to life than working in a cubicle. In 2011, he left his 9 to 5 job and started up his own online marketing company in Ottawa, Canada. After spending a couple of years helping local businesses bridge the gap between traditional advertising and inbound marketing, he once again decided it was time for a change. Armed with a ton of business experience and a wide variety of inbound marketing knowledge, Nathan began developing dropshipping stores. Shortly after he successfully moved into private labeling his own products on Amazon; completing all of this as he traveled around the world. Nathan’s next stop? Prague!

Michael and Nathan decided to come together in an effort to create a course that will allow anyone to break the routine, get out of their comfort zone and finally achieve the life they desire. Whether it is your dream to travel around the world, making money as you live in a different country every month or if you are searching for a way to make a significant income from home to spend more time with your own growing families; This is the goal for FBA Empire! We wanted to show you the step by step process on how anyone can create their own private label brand, sell it on Amazon and create a successful business that will provide you with the financial freedom you have always desired.

Michael and Nathan are always around to answer questions and provide guidance on your journey to creating your FBA Empire.

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