Choosing A Supplier

While Niche Selection often takes longer than one would want, the next step - Choosing A Supplier - is definitely the part of the process that begins to get more hands on. Having a good working relationship with a trustworthy supplier is a crucial aspect of this FBA business model.

Request A Sample Product

Once you have narrowed down your niche ideas to a couple of specific products, it is time to get some samples. It is pricey for each sample (anywhere from $50 to $100 each product sent to you) but this is such a vital aspect of the process. You HAVE to see the product first hand, test it out for a few days, get a real feel for exactly what potential customers will be seeing / doing the day they get their product in the mail.

Really you must check the quality of the product. While products may look good in a photo, or even a video; get your hands on the actual product before choosing a supplier. Here at FBA Empire we also steer all our members clear of any "supplier" who will not send in a sample product. If a supplier will not provide a sample, it sets off a huge red flag you may be getting scammed; so we direct all members to find a new supplier immediately.

Lead Time

A suppliers lead time is how long it takes for them to not only make the quantity of products you ordered, but to ship the items to your desired location as well. Many first time sellers here the supplier say a "14 day lead time" and they expect their items to be in the US within two weeks. Unfortunately that is not quite how it works. 99% of a suppliers lead time is how long it takes for them to make the products you ordered, THEN you have got to ask what the shipping lead time will be as well. You will have two main options for shipping (either Air Freight or Sea Freight). As you can expect, Air Freight is definitely faster, but more expensive. Sea Freight can get you a better bang for your buck, but will take almost FOUR times as long to get to the US as an Air Freight shipment would.

Profit Calculator

Making money is the main reason our members join this course, so it would only make sense that we guide our members to choosing EASILY profitable products. That is a big difference here. Other course or books simply want you to be a premium product, so if your competitors are at $7.99 you will sell at $8.99. At most your making $2 to $3 true profit per unit at the end of the day, and is that something that really excites you? Cause it sure doesn't do much catch our attention...

A major aspect of choosing a supplier is getting their tiered pricing list from your direct contact so you can compare what you CAN price the item for on Amazon, versus what it ACTUALLY cost you to purchase it overseas. FBA Empire members gain access to our minimum & maximum price points to sell effectively on Amazon, helping you create the most profit per unit sold as possible.

This business model is definitely a nerve racking process the first time you send a large sum of money overseas to receive a large shipment of products in return. To help ensure your success, our FBA Empire course covers in detail other "hidden" expenses that pop up and surprise first time sellers on Amazon; so our members know EXACTLY how much profit they will be making from a single item sold BEFORE they even place your first order!!!

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